My AO3 Handle is Oroburos69, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you write for me!

 I can't wait to see what you come up with! I have so many ideas, and I really hope you do them justice.

Things I like: Gen fic, case fic, and quiet walks on the beach where people hold each other's hands.

Things I think are bad: Smut. (But it's only smut if it's ut-terly without redeeming social importance!)

Kaomoji: (屮ಠ益ಠ)屮 telling the sad and glorious tale of how she met, loved, and lost (♥ノ⊙ヮ⊙). In a highway diner on the road to FFA, she found a (●ↀωↀ●), lost and running scared. (屮ಠ益ಠ)屮 picked up the tiny (●ↀωↀ●), a strange and powerful sense of cuteness nearly overwhelming her, and was immediately accosted by (♥ノ⊙ヮ⊙).

“My (●ↀωↀ●)!” (♥ノ⊙ヮ⊙) cried out, lunging toward (屮ಠ益ಠ)屮. “You found her!”

Reluctantly, (屮ಠ益ಠ)屮 returned the (●ↀωↀ●).

I think this story would actually work best as epic fantasy in the vein of Game of Thrones, where (●ↀωↀ●) takes the place of the one ring and they have to go to the vet to get her spayed so she’ll stop corrupting mankind with (●ↀωↀ●)s.

Dragon Age: Iron Bull is a collector of Royal Dalton fine china from the 1890s, with a side interest in Dutch cream pots. Fenris is a thief with a grudge against the china collecting bastard who kept him as a sex slave, and so he steals and sells china.

He comes across a particularly fine collection in the home of Dorian, an avid collector of postage stamps who inherited his father’s collection of china. Fenris steals it, and sells the lot to Iron Bull, who is delighted at the fine condition of the saucers.

Dorian tracks downs Fenris and through him, Iron Bull, and though he doesn’t wish to be sexually attracted to either of them, he winds up the meat in a china collector sandwich within ten minutes of walking into Iron Bull’s climate-controlled collection room.

Aladdin: Aladdin was a prostitute and not a thief, and Jafar hired a lot of gay hookers instead of trying to take over the kingdom. Fisting with magic, fisting without magic, and tying Aladdin to the bed and violating him over and over, please.

One Piece: Mihawk went from having no kids to two kids in just one day, and if those sweet summer children think they’re going to the Grand Line without him they have another thing coming.

AKA, over-protective parental Mihawk stalking Zoro and Perona all the way to Shabondy. Then kidnapping Perona and almost drowning both of them when her ghost make him so depressed that he falls into the ocean, but persevering just enough to get her to the Thousand Sunny.

Then Mihawk sneaks off in the night while Zoro and Perona fight over who is stalking whom, neither realizing that the answer to that question is Mihawk, full stop.

He’d tell them, but they got so testy when he suggested they stay home for the rest of their natural lives. Mihawk’s just doing what’s best for them, and what’s best for them is Uncle Mihawk watching them like a fucking hawk to make sure they survive the Grand Line. And he can only do that if they’re together, and they’re only safe if he cleans out all the islands they could visit before they even get there.

Naruto: Itachi is pregnant with Monkey D. Luffy’s child. He’s pretty unsure about this development, but he’s only got nine months to catch up with the Pirate King and ask him for baby names, so he takes off ASAP. His bro, Kisame, volunteers to come along on account of really having missed the Grand Line, procures a ship and builds Itachi an adorable nursery.

Will Itachi stay faithful to his one-night-stand baby daddy? Or will Kisame’s superior nesting instincts woo him into infidelity? And will Itachi’s problem solving skills ever improve past murder and lots of it?

Ranma 1/2: Ranma decides he wants to be the center of a gang bang in his female form and asks Ryoga for help. Ryoga has no idea how to set up a gangbang, and kinda fucks it up. But first he breaks in both of Ranma’s virgin holes!

Beauty and the Beast: Gaston wins, but doesn’t kill Beast. Instead he muzzles him and parades him through the streets like the spoils of some foreign war. And when the village cries out for blood, he hesitates--and Belle begs for Beast’s life.

Gaston puts Beast in the kennels with his dogs and marries that girl. Marries her good and proper.

The he takes her out to the kennels, strips her in front of where Beast is chained, and fucks her hard. And she likes it because no one fucks like Gaston and no one sucks like Gaston and no one twists and thrusts quite like this, Gaston!

Seeing Belle get fucked in front of him arouses the muzzled and muted Beast, his monstrous genitals sliding free of their animalistic sheath, and Gaston has a wonderful, terrible, idea.

Pokemon: Wally didn’t become non-sickly from long, healthful walks with his pokemon, he became non-sickly from vigorous semen infusions from every male pokemon and trainer he met on the way to Victory Road.

But you only really need to write the first, with Virgin!Wally, his Ralts, and the Poochenya hiding in the tall grass. Knotting, please (grass knot only acceptable if you do the weight calculations and show your work).

Historical RPF: Hannibal Barca is stuck in the Alps with a couple hundred elephants, and nothing to do.

So he picks a pretty soldier who has commit a minor transgression and makes him take all the elephant cock, one after another.

That soldier is Scipio Africanus’ spy, and when he reports back and Scipio is debriefing him via ass-fucking, as the Romans did, he notices that it’s like a hotdog down a hallway down there, and drags the whole story out of his slutty soldier.

Enraged, Scipio finds Hannibal’s spy in his ranks and has him gangbanged by every soldier under his command and most of the horses before sending him back to Hannibal.

So basically epistolary fic via spies and graphic bestiality and gang bangs.

Vetos: Nothing.
 Oh my gosh, I am so excited! Please be aware, though, that I only want GOOD WRITERS for my magnificent prompts. And that I will continue to work on these prompts as we gain information on just how many fandoms we're allowed to prompt.

My AO3 tag is Big_Rock, to whom GOOD WRITERS may address their gifts to.

Thank you for understanding!

Teahouse: Atros sells Linneaus to Homophobians from the decadent but evil country to the north, Homophobia. Linneaus gets horrifically abused as a sex slave, as the Homophobians are absolutely not down with pink hair (obligatory shaving all his hair off scene!).

Gilder goes after his favourite whore, finds him in dire straights. For plot reasons, such as possibly public gang bangs of gay prostitutes being a real homophobia thing, he has to fuck abused (bald) sex slave Linneus, and then murder a whole bunch of people, steal Linneaus, and escape into the convenient house of the last person he assassinated, the District Manager of Homophobia’s bathworks.

Linneaus is surprisingly not okay with murder, and is fucking terrified of Gilder because serial killer. He’s also got a broken wrist, more trauma than you can shake a stick at, is dead certain that Atros didn’t mean to sell him like that, and a mild peanut allergy. After like three days, he’s totally slutting it up with Gilder, betraying his former owner’s trust, but it’s so good that he can’t resist the crazy kidnapping serial killer.

There’s also a guy named Sacha there, and he does not think any of this is a good idea.

Forgotten Realms: Jarlaxle accidentally sells himself into (super kinky) sexual slavery on the surface. Entreri rescues him not because he cares (he so absolutely doesn’t care about Jarlaxle), but because Jarlaxle stiffed him on their last bar tab.

Entreri also rescues a ton of other slaves (mostly various flavours of Surface Elves, but definitely including Foxfire from the Elaine Cunningham books) in the same brothel, not because he feels anything when he looks at their pitiful wasted skins, but because he suspects they, too, might owe him money.

Then he takes them back to their homes. Because they owe him money, maybe. Damn it. And they probably keep that money in their homes.

Also Jarlaxle is incredibly inappropriately molesty and personal-space invading in an attempt to prove that Entreri likes him best (Entreri v. certain he DOES NOT), and also incredibly racist against surface elves. Like constantly.

Marathon: Security is sold into alien sex slavery by a talking sword in 18th century France--when they meet again, Security had gained a grudge, a cyborg arm, and the sword has been hooked into a space ship.

Can they work through their obvious sexual tension before Durandal sheaths himself in Security's fleshbag? Or will their obvious sexual tension be resolved through Durandal sliding into the soft, well-used flesh of Security’s remaining humanity?

One Piece: Mihawk is a slave to the government, desperate to be free. Zoro and Perona crash-landing in his castle might be the key to his release--if they can work together for ten fucking seconds without fighting--if they’d ever actually go into the creepy dungeon he told them not to enter so they can figure out <i>how</i> to free him--if they could sail in a straight line without him holding their hands--if, indeed, either of them showed even the slightest hint of competence, then they could conceivably help him.

But first he must convince them to seek out his heart and return it to him. Pity he’s been compelled to never tell anyone that it’s missing.

Naruto: Sasuke is an abandoned sex slave in the bad side of town, and Sakura is a rich assassin, her pocketbook growing fat off the blood of the people. When she discovers his diseased body in her garbage, will she leave him for the homeless to eat? Or will she rescue him and use his half-dead corpse to test out new poisons?

The second, please. Also, Ino is Sakura’s girlfriend, and she really likes human flesh.

Maiden Rose: Klaus is Taki’s sex slave, imported from the exotic Notanazilandia, but no one knows. He’s supposedly a tank mechanic (poor guy saw a tank once, but it was a fish tank and the fish were dead), but in truth he’s there to feed Taki’s perverse sexual appetites.

The torture is constant--he hasn’t slept through the night in months, drugged into a state of constant readiness, his blood burning like soulfire under his skin, and he’s just. So. Tired.

Taki masquerades as pure, untouched, and Klaus knows if anyone finds out the use Taki makes of him, it won’t be Taki’s fault. It’ll be his, and his death is sure to follow. Klaus knows this, and strains desperately for discretion--learning the ins and outs of fish tanks with the determination of the desperate, he level grinds until the Royal Palace’s koi pond reaches an inexplicable nirvana.

But eventually, it’s all for naught. Taki’s vicious and relentless sexual appetites get them caught, in humiliatingly public venue, and Klaus is sentenced to death by gang bang. Will Taki save him? Probably not. A whore is a whore--infinitely replaceable.

Historical RPF: The year is 1205, and Elizabeth the First of England is the first Tudor to gain entry to the hallowed halls of the Hogwarts Boarding School for Mysteriously Talented Children. In her first year, she meets the secret perfects, an elite group of students devoted to the pursuit of sticky gravity. Their leader, Louis Riel of Manitoba, Archduke of Winnipeg, lives in secret, pursuing a hopeless goal of sovereignty for his people.

Will Elizabeth make her future subject submit to her firm and not particularly gentle hand? Or will his French blood prevail in revolution that is coded in his very genes?

And can they get that out of the way before the Black Death returns, and Elizabeth succumbs to the charms of the lesbian trio: Anne Bonney, Cleopatra VII, and Jeanne D’Arc?


The year is 1875, and Louis Riel is exiled for crimes against the government of Canada. The railroad heads west, and Manitoba is finally surveyed and properly blocked off into little boxes for Ottawa.

In the winter of 1876, Sir John A. Macdonald is advised of the shift of public opinion. A passionate series of letters to the newspapers is inciting the Quebecois, lighting a rebellious fire in their eyes. It’s just shy of ninety years since the French revolted in Europe, but it is not far from the minds of the Senate or Legislature when their resident French population’s blood is stirring so patriotically in their veins.

Under duress, Sir John A. Macdonald calls on the one man he knows can make any revolution fail--former MP Louis Riel.

Louis Riel accepts too eagerly, heading straight into Ottawa, and arrives in Macdonald’s office at gunpoint.

Their first words, reportedly, consisted of “Shall I assume you are accepting the offer?” and a equally dry, “You may.”

The saga of the traitorous MP and the drunkard PM as they try to prevent the rebellion of a people that neither of them understand ensues, as does significant quantities of gay sex. As all good things do, their relationship ends in flames when Macdonald accuses Riel of corrupting his son.

In revenge, Macdonald confines Riel to his private chambers and uses him as a sex slave, pimping him out to the CPR like an after-dinner mint.

Jupiter Ascending - So technically, she's super fertile during the movie, right? I think that calls for some extreme pregnancy--with puppies! Or eggs. I'm not going to tell you which one I want more, but I'm going to be really sad if you choose wrong. Either way, I want her using her spliced sex slaves repeatedly, and super hard. And then making them fuck each other for her amusement.

X-Men Comicverse - So the story starts out with Gambit as a sex slave, right? For Apocalypse (male character, right? Okay, I'll be truthful, IDGAF who the villain or character is so long as they have a dick for the raping) in the bowels of a pyramid, and none of the other X-Men give a single flying fuck. Actually, they think he's in Antarctica.

Anyway, digression over. Gambit's in Mexico, and Lance Alvers is running away from Magneto again when he trips into the pyramid and finds Gambit hogtied with a massive dildo wedged in his ass. And Lance, being Lance, tries to get him out and fails so miserably that the people around him are gently humiliated to be in his presence.

So now Magneto or whoever has two sex slaves. And he has to train them into being the best offensive team that the NHL has ever seen, and it isn't going to be easy, considering that Gambit has panic attacks when he sees ice and Lance ruins everything he touches, but Xavier has no choice but to train them through deft use of manipulation, sex as a punishment, and ever larger dildos. They need to infiltrate the NHL and they need to have done it yesterday--and the Scarlet Witch is being really unhelpful.

Guest appearances by the Calgary Flames always welcome.

Dragon Age: Dorian and Fenris are recovering sex slaves (and alcoholics) who met in an abandoned tavern outside Redcliff. For lack of anything better to do, they start travelling together, and fucking, because when the goods aren't virgin, why not?

It'd be perfect except that Dorian is the shittiest rogue Fenris has ever seen in his damned life, and Dorian is legitimately terrified that the first guy he's ever sort of liked is going to slit his throat if he figures out that he's a mage who only fell into the sex slave thing after the slave-owning aristocracy thing didn't work out.

Tensions rise, Fenris desperately trying to keep his hot mess of a boyfriend from accidentally stabbing himself with the knives he seems to have stolen from an tavern, and Dorian desperately trying to keep his hot mess of a boyfriend from realizing that he's a mage so that he won't murder Dorian.

Then suddenly, Zevran! And just as suddenly, no Zevran, because Zevran ran the fuck away when he smelled the crazy in that room.

Lost, tired, and on the verge of breaking up, they stumble on the Inquisitor--a horny guy named The Iron Bull who is absolutely delighted to meet them.

Fate Stay Night - So Arthur finds a dogboy sex slave in the middle of a cobblestone road in the 8th century. And it's Gilgamesh. Anyway, Arthur slaps a leash on that bad boy and adopts him, and makes him sleep at the foot of the bed, feeds him table scraps, and makes him into the best little pet ever (knotting a must).

Much, much later, Arthur wakes up, and has to navigate the modern world's demands on pet owners--mostly neutering, let's be totally honest here. And Arthur picks up a few more dogs along the way.


Everyone is A/B/O style sex slaves. If anyone's a beta or alpha I definitely want agonizing knotting in bodies not made for that.

VETOS: If historical accuracy is a thing for you, then please know that I don't want it for Louis Riel's fate. The megalomania...include it if you must, but feel free to tone it down or omit it entirely. (Yes, sex slave to buy Canada a railroad is better than execution as a traitor while insane. Especially if he manages to entrench some Metis rights into Canadian law in a significant, long-lasting way. No one is going to write this prompt b/c Canadian history, but I feel like I really have to clarify on this.) Other than that, go nuts.



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